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A Deeper Look: God’s Feminine Side

Renee Meijer
Renee Meijer

We pray to our Heavenly Father, but God’s soft love, grace, and creation—Mother Earth—reflect feminine qualities too. Because God created women with unique qualities, most in touch with emotion and involved in the care of others, we make it our duty to worry about others, often forgetting about our own spiritual well-being. This might cut off the relationship and closeness with God that we need and crave.

Being a woman doesn’t necessarily mean being soft, gentle, and calm. It’s tough to be a daughter, sister, wife, and mother on any given day. It might not always bring out the best in us. At those times, it’s crucial that we connect to God so we can keep our heart and mind in the right place. That’s good and all, but what if we’re struggling with that?

The Feminine Side of God

What might help us to reconnect is realizing that God is more like us than we think. God has both masculine and feminine characteristics. Genesis in the Bible says, “So God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.” That means, as a woman, while you are like God, God is also like you. That’s right, YOU. Father Moon, founder of the Unification faith, says, “To have a relationship with human beings, He must be a personal God. And to be a personal God, He must resemble human beings.”

The Divine Principle explains that God is often referred to as “He” because it implies that God is subject in relation to human beings. This reference doesn’t diminish the fact that God has a feminine nature as well. Femininity doesn’t imply being passive and mellow. You might have a partner that is gentle while you’re a firecracker of a lady. As diverse as women’s characters and roles are, being a woman can mean many things, including being strong and powerful. Femininity is whatever you are right now.

Connecting to God as a “She”

Even so, you may still associate important female figures in your life with being more personally nurturing, reassuring, and comforting. God wants you to find shelter in Him or Her and, if you feel more safe and secure with a mother-like figure, then for you God can be a gentle, caring Her. If God as a Mother means protection and strength, that’s fine, too. Learning about a different side of God can help you to connect in ways you never thought you could.

Imagine God as a woman in your life who cares for you deeply. If you are a visual person, imagine how God might look: a wise old grandmother, or even as Glinda, the Good Witch of the North in The Wizard of Oz (Yes, the one with the sparkly, pink dress). Try talking to God as a feminine being. Remember, God is a personal God that wants you to relate to Him or Her in whatever way is most intuitive to you. Find out what that is for you and allow God to come into your heart, whatever form He or She takes.

Have you experienced God as a feminine being? Do you have suggestions on how to keep God in your life? Let us know in the comments!