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3 Reminders That It’s Never Too Late


When we are young, the world is new to us, so we explore, challenge, and experiment with our environment. Science explains the world to us while the arts and religion allow us to see it through different perspectives. Yet, as we grow older, we settle into life and often lose our appetite for discovery. But why? Don’t let your curiosity fade just because you’re out of school. Learning is a lifelong endeavor, and there’s a whole world of possibilities to explore! The next time you think you’re too old to learn piano, or your late interest in photography isn’t worth pursuing, keep these things in mind:

You Are Not Your Job.

We can often look to our 9 to 5 and accept it as the defining factor of our being. This can often make us stagnant and lose track of our true identity as children of God. It’s important that we remember: our worth is not our wage and a job is what we do, not what we are. Take the time to reflect on what other aspects there are to your identity: What brings you joy? What gives you a sense of fulfilment? How can you nurture hidden talents?

It’s Not Too Late.

Often if we haven’t accomplished or learnt something by a certain age we can think it’s too late. We tell ourselves that we were ‘never musically talented’ or ‘bad with technology’ or we see someone our age who is much closer to a goal we want to achieve. It is important that we don’t allow a late start to stop us from giving our passions a shot. Be at peace with the fact that it’s ok to take the long way round and be grateful for where life has taken you so far.

So What Next?

We don’t always need to make drastic changes in our lives to support new endeavours. Changes can be small and subtle. Why not find half an hour a day to read? Or how about connecting with people who already work in a field you’re interested in? How about a TED Talk or maybe just a short and honest prayer? At times we can fall into the trap of failing to organize our free time to cater to our own personal development.

So, how about this week? When are you free and what will you be doing? Tell us on Facebook and write a comment below about your personal bucket list! Whatever it is, chase it. Don’t settle, keep growing and explore the possibilities life has in store for you.