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Why It’s a Woman’s World


I will never forget the humbling moment I had with my wife during a casual conversation. We were talking about our son when she informed me that “he came from my bones!” Needless to say, she had me at “bones”. That statement has been echoing in my conscience since the moment it was uttered. I had to really step back and take a look at how much I appreciated my own mother’s sacrifice throughout my life as well as women in general. After watching my wife give birth, I was overridden with a sense of bewilderment to have witnessed a strength that is much more profound and subtle than that to which I had been accustomed.

Disclaimer Alert

Whenever a man extols the virtues of women, there is a need to ask why. Well, I’m absolutely convinced that God’s female heart is emerging for the first time in history. This has been something that I was only vaguely aware of until the past few months, when it became abundantly clear.

God’s Feminine Edge

Father Moon, who delivered the insights of the Divine Principle, taught that God is our Heavenly Parent who possesses both male and female qualities: “Without exception we all fall into one of two categories: man or woman. In fact, God created all beings, including those of the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms, with yang nature and yin nature. In other words, He created a pair system. That is because He created the universe to resemble Himself. Let us ask, then, who is God to us? What is His relationship with humankind? We often refer to Him as ‘Father,’ because He is our source of true love, true life and true lineage. Thus, the original relationship between God and humanity is that of parent and child.”

It was really difficult for me to relate with the female aspect of God’s heart, the Heavenly Mother, until I took the time to see Mother Moon’s approach.

You see, I did not grow up as a Unificationist, and I have never met Father and Mother Moon, whom we call True Parents, in the flesh. They don’t know me from Adam (pun intended), but when I discovered the Divine Principle I watched so many videos of Father Moon and studied his words at every given opportunity.

I became enamored by the man, this hilarious, strange, brazen, sincere and strong Korean man. However, until recently, I had not taken the time to get to know about Mother Moon. I had not watched videos of her, nor did I read her speeches, nor did I focus on her so much in my prayers. Father Moon was always the man who inspired me, who seemed impermeable to any challenge, who guided my journey in discovering the Divine Principle, but what about his smiling wife behind him?

A True Mother

Since Father Moon ascended, there have been many opportunities to observe Mother Moon in action as she continued his peace-building legacy. I can say with conviction that I have never been so impressed by a human’s capacity to remain focused, calm, poised and dignified under duress.

The more I tried to read between the lines, to give her the same attention and respect that I had given to her husband, the more I could see that we are moving into a time in history where everything around us is changing in amazing ways. A world is being shaped where the fullness of God’s love is readily available to all those who seek balanced wholeness.

In the entire universe, there is no more comfortable a place for me to rest my head than on my mother’s lap. That is where I can always find my calm, my peace, my solace. Men have driven history up until this point, but it is time that we let women take the wheel. For me, this Mother’s Day is not just an opportunity for us to thank our own physical mothers, but also all that they represent. Our eternal Heavenly Mother is emerging in the hearts of humans all over the world and it is high time that we celebrate the Yin within!