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Just Do It!


If you’ve seen a Nike commercial, you know their mantra embodies the idea that “no pain” leads to “no gain.” Reaching our goals—actually reaching them—often takes us to a point where we need to just do it—do the exercise, practice until our technique is perfect, keep going even though we want to rest.

The “just do it” attitude applies to more than just sports. Building relationships, excelling in academics, and jump-starting our careers all entail events in which we have to take leaps. It’s much like the advice Yoda gave to Luke Skywalker when he arrived on the planet Dagobah for his training, “There is no ‘try.’ Just do or do not.” We are what holds us back if we simply stop after we say “I tried.” Having that “just do it” attitude sidesteps the second-guessing and makes the difference between did and did not.

But who is that urging, knowing voice telling us to just do it? We’ll give you a hint: Father Moon taught that our conscience acts as our connection to God. “God gave us conscience as a guide whereby we can distinguish between good and evil,” he said. “If you think something is right, set it in motion unconditionally and carry it out boldly. Heaven will surely work with you.” The poem “Do It Anyway” by Mother Teresa echoes this idea, highlighting how many of our good deeds might be unappreciated by others, but that “in the final analysis it is between you and God.”

Imagine what life would be like if we sprang to action each time we heard our conscience call. We would take that opportunity to meet someone new, enroll in that course, or be the first to take on that project at work while everyone else is reluctant. Or maybe we would find ourselves moving across the globe and pursuing our dreams, as Laura Deming did when she joined the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) graduate program in biology at the age of 12. It all happened because she decided she was just going to do it—she was just going to email that one researcher, she was just going to do whatever she could.

How would your life change if you went through each moment following your conscience? Could you adopt the “just do it” attitude, knowing God is behind every call to action?

Try a “just do it” attitude in one of these everyday scenarios!

-Wake up! Get out of bed as soon as the alarm rings. Push yourself to be disciplined, wake up when you need to, and make the most of each day.

-If you see something, say something! If you notice someone belittling another or, perhaps, acting dishonestly, speak up! Save your fellow humans from unpleasant encounters.

-Help a stranger out! Offer a warm meal to someone who is homeless. Help someone with their bags. Or just hold the door open for others, when you can. If it crosses your mind, just do it. A simple gesture can brighten another’s day more than you know.

-Don’t leave them hanging—volunteer when no one else raises their hand. Not only will you be helping out, your example can lead others to volunteer as well!

-Accept that invitation to something you think you won’t enjoy. Expand your horizons, connect with others, and create doors of opportunity by getting yourself out there despite your hesitations.

-Laugh out loud! Don’t worry what others might think. Enjoy the things that you truly value and feel confident in who you are.

-Walk, run or cycle when you can. Do something good for yourself and the environment!

-Say hello! Keep your chin up and greet passersby. Find a connection to the people you encounter each day.

-Just ask. The worst they can say is “no.” Go for that promotion, see if you can join in, or get some help where you need it.

-Once begun, you’re half done! Start that project you’ve been thinking about but have never had the opportunity to do until now!