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Are You Tackling Your Bucket List?

The DP Life Team
The DP Life Team

What if we actually did those things on our bucket list? What if we told you it’s more than possible?

We all have dreams, whether they are held deep down inside or strongly in the forefront of our awareness, to accomplish certain things, see certain places, or acquire certain skills. We can go on forever saying “I wish I knew how to dance,” or “Someday I’ll visit Paris.” The truth is, life is waiting for us to take those steps in the direction of our wildest dreams, so we can be a part of that momentum that opens doors to our infinite capacity.

Pursuing our dreams is not always selfish

A common excuse for forgoing opportunities is the thought that we have other obligations—family, especially—and doing something for our own enjoyment and fulfillment would be inconsiderate and irresponsible. Okay, this is often true. We can’t just take a three-month backpacking trip across Europe when we’ve got bills to pay and children to feed. But what we can do is plan ahead and set our minds on making it work, rather than just seeing the obstacles that are immediately ahead.

Making something of ourselves—whether it be through learning new skills or immersing ourselves in new cultures—does not have to be only for ourselves. It is a part of a legacy we leave behind, and it is also how we can live an epic life for God. We are expressions of God, and God delights in being able to partake in our sense of fulfilment. When you are looking across the land from that mountain in Nepal, or twirling gracefully in your ballet class, or gazing up at the Northern Lights in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness—the awe and the thrill you are feeling is your experience of Life and God in you. It’s okay to want those things… because God wants them too.

The Universe provides

Have you ever heard the expression, “The money will come”? Sometimes we are stuck on the how when opportunities are hidden just around the next corner. People may be willing to help us, or we might see a way to use whatever resources we’ve got in a creative and new way.

When we focus on a project without letting doubt or barriers lessen our determination, the universe will move to accommodate us. It might sound kooky and metaphysical, but it’s really quite simple. When we make our dreams known and we work for them, no matter how long it takes to get there, we are at least moving in the right direction. Try it out with the little things; think of something you’d like to have or make happen, and don’t let go of it. Let us know how that turns out!

Awesome resources you may never have heard of…

If this pep talk hasn’t got you out of your chair and into action yet, we have a few resources that might just catch your eye. In our article, How to be a Student Long After Your College Days, we asked readers what was on their bucket list. The answers we got are below, along with some real-life solutions to making them happen.

1. Traveling. DPLife readers said they wanted to visit Panama, South America, Oceania, Asia, Europe, Africa and India. Looking for a place to stay to cut the cost of hotels? Try AIRbnb, a network that allows people to rent out their homes. You can also try WWOOFing, organic farming across the world in exchange for free meals and lodging!

2. Learning a language. French and Korean were the top must-know languages among readers. The best way to learn a language is through interaction and practice, not just one-way instruction. Try finding a pen pal in another country and exchanging language lessons over weekly Skype calls. Chances are you have a friend of a friend of a friend in the country that speaks the language you seek to learn. If you don’t, Open Culture has a library of free online language courses!

3. Learning a new skill or craft. Readers wanted to learn ballroom dancing (salsa and west coast swing) and how to play the trumpet. Try finding an extracurricular club at your local university—they are sure to welcome anyone, not just students. You can also take a variety of online courses for free with Coursera.

We are here to help assuage as many of your doubts and concerns as possible, giving you few ifs, ands or buts, if any. So, no excuses, get out there and do it!