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No Time For a Vacation? Try This!

Renee Meijer
Renee Meijer

A lot of people go traveling during the summer break, but for those who are low on time and cash we might feel a bit left out. We get sucked into the idea that we need to go far and spend a lot of money in order to have a good vacation. But no matter how low on resources you are, it’s about undertaking a change of perspective and seeing the possibilities that are available around you.

British adventurer and author Alastair Humphreys popularized the term “microadventure.” This can be an afternoon, the evening after work, or an entire weekend; next to your home or a train ride away. He says, “Adventure is only a state of mind.” Even if you don’t want to rough-it, he has lots of tips how to live adventurously, and there are many other ways to go on a small adventure during the summer. These could be done with family or friends.


Exploring the area around your house: Get to know your neighborhood better on foot or by bike. In the rush of everyday life there are many things we don’t notice until we stop to pay attention. You can also walk the circumference around your house and decide how far you want to go.

Camping in your backyard: Put up a tent, make a fire (if you’re allowed to), sing campfire songs and make s’mores. You can also set up a projector and watch a movie on a screen or white wall. If the weather turns sour you can always run back inside!

Going on a picnic: Make some sandwiches, pack refreshing fruit like watermelon and peaches and bring something cool to drink. Bring along balls, frisbees, kites, water guns or anything else fun that you can play with.


Finding the closest beach: You don’t need to go far to enjoy a day at the beach. Find the nearest coast that’s preferably clean and visitor-friendly. Pack some snacks, buy an ice cream and sink your toes in the sand, or go for a swim.

Geocaching: It’s like treasure hunting, but with a GPS. This current trend is a great outdoor activity, especially for those who don’t get out into nature much. It’s the perfect way to discover beautiful, hidden spots. Make sure you have good shoes as you might have to scramble a bit to find the cache!

Going on a tour: Imagine you’re from out of town and see the local sights you might have snubbed because they’re “for tourists.” Sign up for a guided tour with a tour bus or a guide. You can also download different apps for themed tours, ranging from history to scavenger hunts.

Spending a day at a museum: You know those museums you can’t possibly see in one day because they’re so huge? Challenge accepted. Otherwise, find an interactive museum that allows you to touch the exhibits, make things, play games or watch demonstrations. Great fun for ALL ages!


Traveling through food: Are you feeling brave? Instead of traveling to distant exotic locations, explore a country through its traditional food. Pick somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit and go to an ethnic restaurant with that country’s dishes. You might eat exciting things like chicken feet or raw octopus.

Hopping on a train and see where it leads you: How unplanned this trip is is up to you. You may find a nice spot on a map, like the sound of a town’s name or decide to get off at a spot spontaneously. And it doesn’t have to be train. You can go by car, bus, bicycle, horse-drawn buggy…As long as you just GO.

Remember: an adventure doesn’t have to be long, expensive and far away for it to be meaningful. Get inspired, expect the unexpected, be creative, and set off on your unique journey!