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Our Top Ten of 2015

The DP Life Team
The DP Life Team

First off, we want to say “Thank You!” Thank you for joining us this year on a journey to bring the Divine Principle into our everyday lives. If you’re new to DPLife, here’s a quick recap of our Top Ten–the articles our readers enjoyed the most in 2015:


10. The Dojo

Okay, this isn’t an article per se, but a new Divine Principle study curriculum complete with videos, powerpoints, podcasts and talking points. It’s new, but it’s already our #10 most visited page on the site! Get started on your DP Dojo journey today.



9. Getting Back into the Flow of Things

This article opens with the line, “If we were all fish…” but it’s not about fish, we swear! We all can appreciate some good old lifehacks for those times when we feel stuck, stagnant and stale. If this article slipped between the cracks on your news feed this year, make sure to add it to your reading list.



8. Dying to Understand

What happens when we die? A Halloween favorite, this list of DP Life’s favorite movies about the afterlife captures various aspects that we think accurately describe (cue spooky voice) the beyond!



7. 5 Questions You’ve Never Asked About Jesus

An instant favorite, this Q&A tackles some intriguing questions you may or may not have wondered about Jesus. There’s a lot we know about Jesus, but also a lot we don’t know. And honestly, we don’t talk about Jesus enough. We closed 2015 with a heavy focus on Jesus (see also, Jesus: Radical, Simple, Revolutionary) to give you a taste of more to come. In 2016, we’re going to merge Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter with the million dollar question: What if Jesus had gotten married and had a family rather than dying on the cross?


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6. 14 Days of Love

Our Valentine’s Day challenge was a big hit this year. Who doesn’t love to express their love in unique and fun ways for 14 days straight? In a couple months, we’ll be introducing our 2016 14 Days of Love Challenge and you’re not going to want to miss it!



5. DIY Arranged Marriage

Arranged marriage is an intriguing topic. Do people seriously get married to people they hardly know, with the close involvement of their parents in such a life-changing decision? You might be thinking, “Uh uh, that’s not for me,” however there are some key practices we can learn from arranged marriages which anyone can adopt in their marriage, arranged or not.



4. Why Art Matters

Why does a novel have a way of transporting us? Why is music able to transform our mood? Why do we as human beings—who one could argue, might spend time on more productive things—have such a voracious appetite for creating and consuming art? This article, plus two interviews with a poet and a painter, answers these questions.



3. 3 Questions to Ask Yourself to Find Your Purpose

We’ve all read Mark Manson’s 7 Strange Questions That Help You Find Your Life Purpose, so we made our own!



2. What My Arranged Marriage Taught Me About Love

Arranged marriage again? Like we said, it’s a fascinating topic. Many Unificationists practice a parent-guided engagement process. Here’s a first person account of one.


And the winner is…


1. God, Sex and Me

What can we say? Sex is a hot topic. Even hotter is the idea that sex is so much more than people today make it out to be. If you think about it, sex is the reason for our very existence, and is literally the way our legacy carries on for generations. Whether you want a more meaningful sex life or are just curious to hear the Divine Principle’s perspective, this is a must-read take on what God has to do with sex, and what all that has to do with you.