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4 Off-The-Wall Ideas For Autumn Fun


Ah, Fall, the season of sweaters, comfort food, and the pumpkin spiced everything. Though the sunny days and carefree spirit of summer might be over, it’s still a great time to get out and make some special memories with your family and friends. After you’ve done all the traditional Autumn activities, like apple picking, and pumpkin carving, sink your teeth into some more unique activities that the season has to offer:

Spot Raptors on the Move

As we begin to prepare for the coming winter, mother nature is getting ready too. Autumn is migration season for most North American birds, including hawks and eagles. At some mountain lookouts, it’s possible to spot hundreds of raptors, gliding on the gusty currents as they make their way south. Take a look at the migration patterns, learn about conservation, and see if these majestic creatures might be gliding somewhere near you. Even if you don’t see any birds, the whole family will love the adventure in the mountains with the changing leaves and the beautiful weather.

Make a Difference

With the holiday season approaching, food pantries, clothing drives, and soup kitchens will start to fill up with donations and volunteers. But these vital organizations need your help all year long. Why not get a jump on the good will by spending a Saturday volunteering somewhere in your local area. Or how about throwing your own fall party, where guests bring donations instead of hostess gifts. There’s nothing better than having fun with family and friends while also being able to be of service to others! Plus, it will give you a chance to try out some of those pumpkin recipes!

Get into the Spirit

Everyone loves a good ghost story. If Halloween is your favorite holiday, then maybe a trip to a haunted house or landmark is just the thing to get you inspired about the season. Sleepy Hollow, of literary fame and urban legend, in upstate New York, hosts thousands of tourists every year for their halloween themed events, and there are hundreds of suspected haunted sites all over the United States, and I’m sure the world. If a good scare is your thing, find a place near you that does tours or seasonal events, but remember it’s, “enter at your own risk!”

Feed the Travel Bug

Need to get away? Fall is considered the off-season for most places, so you can find great deals on hotels, as well as browse your favorite attractions without the crowds. If you don’t have the time or money for a big trip, try a micro-adventure to a place within driving distance, or stop by your nearest museum or historical site to enjoy the local culture.

What are your plans for Autumn? How will you be making the most of the season?