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Walking With God: A Day In The Life [Timetable]

The DP Life Team
The DP Life Team


What defines a spiritual life? Is it how much we pray, or how often we attend church? Often when we think about our spiritual lives, we feel a bit burdened by the thought that we need to somehow fit it into our busy days, as we need to do with our social lives or love life.

Wouldn’t it be simpler, and more real, to involve God into every single moment of our lives, rather than checking in to say “Hi” every once in a while and feeling guilty for not keeping in touch? The beautiful thing about God is that He and She is always with us. We don’t have to experience God like some distant friend; God is accessible right here, right now.

Stuck on how to invite God into your life? Here’s a breakdown of a typical daily schedule, and tips on how to live a spiritual life every minute of the day!

8:00 AM: Breakfast

When we start our day with God, we feel more purpose behind everything we do that day. No matter if we woke up on the wrong side of the bed or if we woke up on fire, we can know we are not alone.

Tomorrow, first thing when you wake up, say good morning to God. Invite God into your day. Tell God what you plan to do that day and invite Him to experience it with you.

9:00 AM: School or Work

As adults, we spend most of our day in a professional setting. It’s hard to feel God amid deadlines and meetings. However, God can be found even in an office.

Just think, “What am I working toward?” If we are simply working to live, we might not get far before we feel drained. However, if we create our academic or career goals along with God, we will be spending the majority of our waking hours inspired. We can also then know that all our achievements were not accomplished alone; God helped get us there.

Before you start your work or school day, take a few minutes to remember your initial purpose. Call on God to help you feel the inspiration again. Find creative ways to do this every time: write it down, go for a short walk, chat with your coworker about it, or look up some quotes or articles online.

5:00 PM: Workout

Heading to the gym? Good for you! Getting active is a great way to feel God’s presence—the endorphins, the drive, the stress release, the focus. Exercise clears our mind of the clutter so we can let God in. As you are running, lifting those weights or doing those yoga poses, reflect on all that you are grateful for and surrender your worries for another time.

6:00 PM: Dinner

Beyond just saying grace, when we eat we are nourishing ourselves. It is important to be conscious of our health, practice the balance of the food groups and consider what we are taking in. This is the perfect analogy for what we feed ourselves, spiritually, too.

At your next meal, whatever it may be, take the moment to thank God for blessing you with food on the table, and think about one or more healthy habits you can implement in your daily routine that can feed your body and spirit simultaneously. For example: making healthy smoothies with a friend of faith, or reading God’s Word along with your meal. Be creative!

7:00 PM: Relationships

When you spend time with your friends and family, try to see God in them, or notice what God is trying to teach you through the people in your life. DP Life is all for creating loving relationships that are a microcosm of God’s love. Check out what we have to say about loving and communicating with our parents, our siblings, and our spouse.

8:00 PM: Winding Down

When we get home and it’s finally time to kick back and relax, there’s a lot we can do to invite God into our space. Keeping a clean household and being conscious of the kind of energy in the movies and shows we watch on TV or the books we read can go a very long way in feeling God’s Spirit.

Read more about media literacy; then when you get home, think about what you want to do to relax with God.

9:00 PM: Bedtime

Before you go to bed, say a prayer of thanks and close your day with God. Ask God for help in tying loose ends of the day and going to sleep peacefully.

Remember, you can pray anywhere—from a place you consider sacred to the comforts of your bed, morning and night. You can make prayer a social occasion, too, because more than anything God wants to be where relationship and love is. God is like a close friend always at our side, and as long as our hearts are open at each moment, God can be a part of our lives all day, every day.

As Father Moon, founder of the Unification faith and a man who walked with God his whole life, said, “Remember that God is always with you. Should you have such an attitude internally, you can inspire your mind constantly. Of great importance in your life is how you can pioneer a way of inspiring and stimulating your mind in such a way, daily.”

What are some unique ways YOU involve God into your day? Leave a comment below!