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What’s My Calling?


“Whatever the time or place, love is most important. God was searching for a person who would live with a heart of love and who, when faced with suffering, could cut off its effects with love.” — Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Christians around the world celebrate the miracle of the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday. For Unificationists, the holiday has special significance. On Easter morning of 1935, Rev. Moon received a revelation from Jesus and began his public ministry, giving birth to what would become modern-day Unificationism.

Rev. Moon received his life’s calling that day, but a calling isn’t simply received. It is born from a desperate desire and sincerely seeking for answers.

A Prayer and an Answer

In his autobiography, As a Peace Loving Global Citizen, Rev. Moon recounts struggling with the deep questions of life that we all ponder at one time or another,

“It was the night before Easter in the year I turned sixteen. I was on Mount Myodu praying all night and begging God in tears for answers. Why had He created a world so filled with sorrow and despair? Why was the all-knowing and all-powerful God leaving the world in such pain? What should I do for my tragic homeland?”

The next morning, Jesus appeared before him, and asked him to continue the work that he had begun, to comfort the heart of a suffering Heavenly Parent, by bringing His children home. This intimate moment was the beginning of Rev. Moon’s lifelong mission to teach the world about God and to bring about peace on earth. He said, “Jesus spoke clearly about the work I would have to do. His words about saving humanity from its suffering and bringing joy to God were extraordinary.”

Before we can receive an answer, we need to ask ourselves the hard questions.

“The More It Hurts, the More You Should Love”

It’s not easy to live our calling or pursue a big dream. In fact, when Rev. Moon was first asked to take on his mission, his response was, “I can’t do this. How can I do this? Why would you even give me a mission of such paramount importance?”

Our truest callings, our biggest dreams and our deepest desires will always bring about fear, because in these things that are closest to our hearts, we stand the most to lose. Yet, they also provide the possibility of the greatest gain, and God has already provided each of us with the tools we need.

What’s Your Calling?

Most of us are not called to save the world. We don’t all receive visions of Jesus or insurmountable odds to overcome, but we all have a calling, no matter how big or small, that can fill our own lives with joy and help to make the world a better place in the process. Each of us has a unique gift. We are all a reflection of our Heavenly Parent, and there is a unique part that every individual plays. We all have moments in our daily life to pause and be grateful. Say a prayer, sing a song or dedicate a moment to our Heavenly Parent. We all have a dream that we aspire to. Today, take a small step towards it.