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What is DP Life?

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DP = Divine Principle

The Divine Principle is an unprecedented new worldview, new cosmology, new view of life, new view of providence, and new view of history. It is an integrated principle that embraces all religions, doctrines and philosophical tenets into one, while preserving the unique characteristics of each.

Welcome to the DP Dojo

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Your Online Divine Principle Training Ground

Whether you’re new to the Divine Principle or a seasoned master, this is the place to gain powerful insights that will strengthen every aspect of your life. Begin your training today!

  • Deeper Understanding

    Understand God, yourself & the world

  • New Perspective

    A new light on old scriptures

  • Unification Movement

    About the Unification Movement

  • Videos Slides

    Videos, slides, and more

For starters, we recommend completing the One-hour Overview of the Divine Principle, which will introduce you to the key points of the Divine Principle in brief and convenient sessions. Then, dive in to our Introduction lecture series and make your way across our Dojo menu. Our team is working on exciting new content, so check back soon for more on the Dojo!